The Operations Division is responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the municipal road networks, storm drainage, drinking water, sanitary sewer and waste collection utilities.

Roads and Drainage Maintenance

The Roads and Drainage section maintains municipal roads and sidewalks and provides snow and ice control operations. The section is also responsible for stormwater management, flood control, and the maintenance of dykes and bridge structures.

Water Utility

The Water section is responsible for the maintenance of drinking water distribution system that delivers high quality water to residents and businesses and water supply for fire suppression. Operations crews respond to emergency calls for broken water mains and services, undertake regular maintenance of the valves, pump stations, and fire hydrants. They are also responsible for installing service connections, water quality monitoring, water metering, backflow prevention, or water mains construction and maintenance, including flushing.

Sanitary Sewer Utility

The Sanitary Sewer section is responsible for maintenance and construction of the City’s sanitary sewer infrastructure, installing service connections, inspection and maintenance of sanitary sewer mains, maintenance and operation of pump stations and valves, and flow monitoring.

Waste Collection Services

The Solid Waste section is responsible for collection of garbage, recycling and organics from over 100,000 single family and 36,000 multi-family residential customers. As part of an integrated closed-loop organic waste management system, the organic waste will be processed at the City’s future Biofuel Facility into a renewable natural gas, which will be used to fuel our fleet of waste collection trucks and city maintenance vehicles.


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