This course aims to make you a more rigorous, effective, and creative thinker.

Event Date:
Mar 23 - Mar 27 at 12:00 am

Champions Center,
2150 Stadium Dr,

I have taught philosophy and critical thinking at Oxford University and the University of London. I’ve also written online courses for both Oxford University and Eton College, and published numerous popular philosophy books.

This course distills what I have found to be the most engaging and generally useful critical thinking material. It sharpens up thinking skills that you can then usefully apply in your career, your education, and in your personal life too.

The course develops skills and habits we all need to become more reliable judges of what’s true:

  • skills that make us more penetrating thinkers – so that we are better able to both figure out for ourselves, and rationally persuade others, of what’s true.
  • skills of intellectual self-defence – that can help immunise us against the influence of bad arguments, propaganda, psychological manipulation, prejudice, fake news, and bullshit.
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